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The inshape Medical Clinic weight control program is specially created and individually designed to help you achieve the "shape" of your dreams--or return to the shape of former years. It is a physician supervised program with professional guidance aimed at helping you achieve your own healthy lifestyle change.

The Inshape program offers a comprehensive approach to weight control. It is more than just a diet or medication program. It involves an approach to your total lifestyle which impacts how you think about and deal with emotions, food and exercise. As you consider the program we would like to mention a word of caution. Be very careful about comparing the inshape program with friends, relatives or other people using a different approach to weight loss. Some programs have patients taking medicines to “speed up the metabolism”. It is impossible to do that without endangering a person’s health. If you look at how others are conducting their programs you may become confused.

We are not interested in your losing weight rapidly. We do want you to lose weight smoothly, healthfully, consistently and once and for all. Therefore the inshape program with its lifestyle change is focused on helping you maintain your weight loss once it is accomplished.

The Inshape Medical Clinic’s weight loss program is built around:

Convenient office hours
Using your usual, normal foods
Low-level, easy exercise
FDA approved hunger-suppressing medications
An understanding, sympathetic staff
Professional, expert guidance
Regular online information and support

Inshape Medical Clinic Weight Loss

Now that you're here, browse our site to learn more about our customized weight control program and have your questions answered. Whenever you are ready to begin just let us know. We are waiting and anxious to help you meet your weight loss goals!

Dr. Neil has two books available: "The God You Thought You Knew" and "Stress: Taming the Tyrant"
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Any of the provisions, policies or conditions regarding participation in the inshape medical clinic
weight loss program may be changed or removed without prior notice by the director of the program.