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Welcome to our Special Discounts and Offers page!

You may use up to TWO of the offers below at any clinic visit to reduce your total cost. Please feel free to discuss with Dr. Neil any questions you have about these discounts.

1. Referrals:
We hope you like your program so much that you will refer others to our clinic. In fact, we depend on “word of mouth” to help us continue to grow. Referring a friend or family member to our program can mean a money discount for both of you! Any patient who refers another person to the clinic can receive a $5 discount on one of their subsequent clinic visits. The referring patient (listed as the current client on the coupon) must complete the referral coupon found just below this announcement in order to get credit for the referred patient (listed as the prospective client on the coupon). The completed coupon should be taken by the referred patient to the clinic on their first visit for placement in the file of the referring patient. The referred patient will then receive a $5 discount at the time of their first visit. This same coupon will apply a $5 cash discount to the referring patient at their next visit to the clinic. This offer cannot be combined with the first visit voucher $5 discount listed under item #4 on this page. Any number of patients may be referred by a current patient but the number of coupon discounts honored at any one visit may be limited by the staff of the clinic until all are redeemed.


2. Birthdays:
Birthdays are special to you and also to us! If you are is seen in any of the clinics within one week before or after your birthday you are eligible to receive a free bottle or package of medicine to last until your next scheduled clinic visit. The only thing you will be responsible for is the office call to cover that same period of time. You must remind the doctor or receptionist of the fact that your visit is occurring within the two week period in order to receive your discount.

3. New Patients:
 If you are viewing this page for the first time and want to make an appointment to join our program, Click here for a $5 discount coupon to be applied at your first visit. This is a one-time offer and cannot be repeated for restart purposes.

4. Newsletter Special Discounts:
If you have not seen our latest newsletter you may be unaware of possible additional discounts or financial offers located there that can be used with any of the above. Click here for details

All of the terms/conditions or discounts/specials which are a part of the Inshape Medical Clinic program are calculated on a monthly basis and have a minimum value of $1. They may be altered or discontinued by the clinic director at any time without prior notice.

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Any of the provisions, policies or conditions regarding participation in the inshape medical clinic
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